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The CAM Buyers Guide is an annual publication that has become the industry's go-to since its original printing in 1905. In it, you will find contact information for general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as companies that provide support services, like wealth management, insurance, and more. It is the #1 resource for Michigan contractors!

More than 6,000 printed copies of this comprehensive construction industry directory are distributed each year. Marketing opportunities are available through a special classified section. List your company information today, along with goods, products and services to the construction industry.

Contact the CAM marketing department or call 248-972-1000 for more information.

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Featured CAM Member Listings

Lee Industrial Contracting logo
Lee Industrial Contracting
Rayhaven Group, Inc., WCBE logo
Rayhaven Group, Inc., WCBE
Sani-Vac Service, Inc. logo
Sani-Vac Service, Inc.
Aluminum Supply Co., Inc.,WBE, DBE, SBE, DCBE, WCBE, DSB logo
Aluminum Supply Co., Inc.,WBE, DBE, SBE, DCBE, WCBE, DSB
R.S. Dale Company, Inc. logo
R.S. Dale Company, Inc.
A-A Anchor Bolt, Inc. logo
A-A Anchor Bolt, Inc.
American Fence & Supply Co., Inc. logo
American Fence & Supply Co., Inc.
DiHydro Services, Inc., VOB logo
DiHydro Services, Inc., VOB
A Klein Company logo
A Klein Company
Macomb Mechanical, Inc. logo
Macomb Mechanical, Inc.
Midland Tool & Supply logo
Midland Tool & Supply
VTC Insurance Group logo
VTC Insurance Group

Top Categories and Keywords

Architects (200) Professional Engineers (133) General Contractors (117) Construction Management (68) Mechanical Contractors (57) Electrical Contractors (44) Design & Build (44) Associations (See Gray Section) (44) Professional Surveyors (35) Doors (35) Concrete Contractors (34) Heating Contractors (34) Concrete (31) Plumbing Contractors (31) Painting Contractors (30) Air Conditioning Contractors (30) Labor Unions (See Blue Section) (30) Controls & Control Systems (27) Heaters (27) Flooring (25) Sheet Metal Contractors (25) Drywall Contractors (23) Carpenter Contractors (22) Roofing Contractors (22) Insulation (21) Foundations (20) Mason Contractors (20) Landscape Architects (20) Electrical Equip. & Supplies (20) Steel Structural Fabricated (20) Radiant Heat (20) Partitions (19) Flooring Contractors (19) Air Conditioning Systems (19) Coatings (19) Insurance (19) Swimming Pools (19) Steel Miscellaneous (18) Concrete Restoration (18) Computer Rooms (18) Pumps (18) Air Conditioning Apparatus (18) Boiler Repairs (17) Pipe Fitting Contractors (17) Excavating Contractors (17) Process Piping (17) Acoustical Contractors (16) Boiler Installation (16) Boilers (16) Ceilings (16) Pipe Fabrication (16) Retaining Walls (16) Coils Heating & Cooling (15) Steel Erection (15) Glass (15) Windows (14) Demolition (See Explosives Engineers, Wrecking Contractors; Also Implosion) (14) Airhandling Equipment (14) Steel Buildings Preengineered (14) Floor Preparation Maintenance Repair (13) Historical Preservation Contractors (13) Glazing Contractors (13) Security Systems (13) Filters (13) Fans (13) Tile Contractors (13) Dehumidifiers (13) Air Filters (13) Insulation Contractors (13) Medical Gas Piping (12) Surety Bonds (12) Indoor Air Quality (12) Tanks (12) Industrial Piping Contractors (12) Screens Decorative (12) Heat Exchangers (12) Temperature Control Systems (12) Lead Abatement (12) Snow Melting Systems (12) Railings (12) Foundations Repair (11) Curtain Walls (11) Contractors' Equipment (Specific Items See Alphabetically) (11) Acoustical Materials (See Also Ceilings, Diffusers, Panels, Wall Panels) (11) Signs (11) Restoration Contractors (11) Program Management (11) Humidification Equipment (11) Erosion Control (11) Energy Management Systems (11) Clean Room Equipment (11) Ventilators (11) Wall Covering Interior (11) Wrecking Contractors (11) Door Installations & Repairs (11) Pile Driving (11) Pipe Hangers (11) View all Categories »